EMC Turntable


Technical Data

Diameter 1,5 m
Permissible load 500 kg (in "-1t" Version 1000 kg)
Height 130 mm
Material carrier plate stainless steel
Positioning speed adjustable between 0,5 to 2,0 r/pm
Positioning accuracy better +/- 1°
Rotating angle -200° to +400°
Control cable fibre optic cable, POF type (standard)
Turntable drive chain drive, worm gear
Motor electronic motor 150 W
Drive unit shielded and radio interference suppressed; 20dB under CISPR 22 Class B
Temperature range +8 °C...+40°C
Input current max. 1,6 A
Operating Voltage 115 / 230V AC (50/60 Hz)

Brief description

The DS1500-S turntable is specifically designed for installation either at intermediate levels in electromagnetic absorption chambers or in open areas. The base plate is available in stainless steel.

If a ground plane exists, and the carrying plate is made of steel, then the adapter contact ring with a quadratic rim can be supplied. A 0,2 m diameter opening in the centre of the turntable provides the capability to insert a power supply for testing. Removable braces can be installed if necessary.

The IEEE 488 (GPIB) bus, when operated with the CO2000 Controller, or IEEE 488 (GPIB) & TCP/IP (LAN) interface, when operated by CO3000 Controller provides an additional control option for all functions.