Antenna Stand AS2000-MP-MT-HK

Antenna height adjustable
by Hand crank from
min. 850 mm (at centreline of antenna)
max. 2000 mm (at centreline of antenna)
Mast cross-section 60 mm x 60 mm
Base L x W 1006 mm x 1006 mm
Antenna weight max. 10 kg
Polarisation manual adjustable between 0°...90° (vert./hor.)
Tilt angle manual adjustable between -12°...45°
Material foamed PVC, PVC, RFP, POM

Brief description

The AS2000-MP-MT-HK-10kg antenna stand has a manual adjustable measuring height by
hand crank and is specically designed for electromagnetic measurements in electromagnetic shielded
chambers. Polarisation and tilt are manually adjustable. The stand is equipped with a manual crank
winch for changing the height of the antenna.