Antenna Stand AS3160-MP-MT-HK

Antenna height adjustable
by Hand crank from
min. 1930 mm (at centreline of antenna)
max. 3160 mm (at centreline of antenna)
Mast cross-section min. 100 mm x 100 mm
Base L x W
Extends to
min. 1530 mm x 1530 mm
max. 2000 mm x 2000 mm
Antenna weight max. 50 kg
Polarisation manual adjustable between 0°...90° (vert./hor.)
Tilt angle manual adjustable between 0°...30°
Material POM, fibregalss & PVC (weatherproofed)
Antenna Stand weight 46 kg

Brief description

The AS3160-MP-MT-HK antenna stand is for heavy antennas constructed and specifically designed for measurements in electromagnetic absoption chambers and Open Area Test Sites. The antenna height is adjustable by Hand Crank with a gearbox behind, to provide an easy height adjustment for the heavy antennas. The used casters enable an easy movement of the whole antenna stand and are lockable.

The polarisation occurs manually by the adapter which is already mounted on the antennas AT5026A, AT2526A & ATR26M250 or optional available. The tilt angle is manually adjustable up to 30°. Used materials are POM, fibregalss & PVC. There are no metal parts, excepting the casters.