Antenna Stand AS1500-MP-10kg

Antenna height adjustable 0,7 to 1,55 m
Total mast height 1,85 m
Material PVC + fibre glass, weatherproof
Mast cross-section 60 mm x 60 mm
Base L x W 900 mm x 600 mm
Antenna weight max. 10 kg
Polarisation manually 0°/90°(vert./hor.)
Temperature range +5°C...+35°C

Brief description

The AS1500-MP antenna stand has a manual adjustable measuring height, and is designed specifically for electromagnetic measurements in electromagnetic shielded chambers.

The AS1500-MP antenna stand has no metal parts

Polarisation is conducted manually. Cams are located at the stops enabling the antenna bar height to be adjusted manually.

The antenna stand can be equipped with a manual crank winch for moving the antenna basket