Twin Mast TW10000-EP

Antenna height 1,0 to 10,0 m
Total mast height max. 10,6 m
Material PVC + fibre glass, weatherproof
Mast cross-section (2x) 100 mm x 100 mm
Base L x W 1200 mm x 1000 mm
Antenna weight max. 20 kg (25 kg available)
Positioning speed adjustable between 4 to 14 cm/sec. (other cm/sec. for request available)
Positioning accuracy +/- 0,5 cm
Polarisation time approx. 4 sec.
Polarisation accuracy +/- 0,5°
Antenna support drive 3 Kevlar toothed belts (metal free)
Motor electronic EC motor 300 W
Control cable fibre optic cable, POF type (standard)
Drive unit shielded and radio interference suppressed; 20dB under Class B
Temperatur range +10°C...+40°C
Input current max. 3,2 A
Voltage 115 / 230V (50-60Hz)

The TW10000-EP antenna mast is suitable for use in either open areas or in electromagnetic absoption chambers. Metal parts are located only in the base plate and the drive mechanism (max. 0,4 m above ground level).

Adapters for all commercially available antennas are available. Special designs on request. All antennas during polarisation rotate around their axis so as to eliminate any elevation errors. Limit switches and the general mechanical design ensures a reliable system operation.

The GPIB (IEEE 488) bus, when operated wit the CO2000 Controller, or GPIB (IEEE 488) & LAN (TCP/IP), when operated by CO3000 Controller provides an additional control option for all functions.